Whether your premise is an Art Heist, a plain Robbery, a Bank Vault, a Break In, a Break Out, or any other type of theft-related escape experience, the ARC Theft module offers a feature rich virtual environment that can be layer on top of your existing physical props.

The ARC Theft module presents the opportunity to expand your existing game play by incorporating the virtual world into the physical. Incorporate your existing game play without changing any physical props and at the same time allow your customers to experience the latest in augmented reality.

Fully customisable, our technical team is available to help 7 days a week, whether you need a new 3D graphic, an adjustment to an existing game element, or simply someone to walk you through setup, our promise to you is that we will improve the escape room experience for your customers.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce the need for physical props
  • Decrease room stage time
  • Increase customer immersion experience
  • Eliminate prop breakages
  • Change room clues in a matter of minutes
  • Create multiple difficulty levels within one room
  • Give your customers a unique, exciting and new experience
  • Simple integration with existing room structure