With ARC’s Kidnap module, you can ensure that you have the props and game design tools to complement any similarly themed game.
Whether kidnapped, or kidnapper, in a city, rural, or island setting, grouped or separated from your fellow players, the Kidnap module gives you the ability to theme a virtual experience on top of your existing physical theme.

Whether your Kidnap game is a group cerebral challenge or a horror experience the ARC allows you to select from a large range of virtual props, or design your own virtual prop, to deliver a clue or a result when triggered by a unique set of circumstances at a point in time in your game.

Easy to use, but completely customisable, and our technical support team is there to guide you through setup and implementation to ensure you deliver only the highest quality experience to your customers.


Key Benefits

  • Completely customisable
  • Easy to integrate with existing Kidnap themed rooms
  • Eliminate prop failure
  • One click staging
  • Reduce dependency on prop suppliers
  • Change room clues in a matter of minutes
  • Create multiple difficulty levels within one room
  • Give your customers a unique, engaging and new experience
  • 7 day availability customer support