Use of the ARC Island module grants your customers the ability to solve clues and your game designers the ability to manufacture unique, fun and challenging events such as 3D objects and video. The Island ARC includes virtual props and events for Treasure, Pirate and Jungle themed rooms. Your game designers can add the ARC Pirate module on top of your existing physical props.

Your game designers will have access to virtual props that they can use throughout the room, complementing the existing game play or indeed creating a whole new experience.

Completely customisable but easy to use, the platform is backed up by our 7 days a week technical support team to talk you through setup and implementation or a customisation project, ensuring you can deliver a high quality experience to your customers.


Key Benefits

  • Create or swap virtual props every day for a truly unique experience
  • Easy to integrate with existing room theme
  • Test new props easily
  • Stage rooms faster
  • Reduce prop total cost of ownership
  • 7 days a week responsive customer support
  • Change room clues in a matter of minutes
  • Create multiple difficulty levels within one room
  • Give your customers a unique, engaging and new experience
  • 7 days responsive customer support