Solution Overview



Our Augmented Reality Software Solution

Specifically designed for Escape Rooms

Black Diamond Reality brings you the ARC, a cost effective
alternative to physical props. Easy to integrate with your physical
room, the ARC can be used to add a refreshing new dimension to an
existing game without the downtime, cost or risk associated with
designing, building and testing a new game. ARC allows you to
repurpose staff to work on higher value activities while also reducing
the human error, prop unreliability and associated risk of downtime.


Reduced Risk

Eliminate unreliability with
our virtual props. Test and
fine tune new props daily, or
even hourly, at no cost.


Cost Effective

Reduction in staging time, human
error, staff hours, and wear &
tear, with increased revenue
opportunities, means 100% ROI
in months.


EasY TO Use

Unlimited support 7 days a week,
including installation.
Create a completely unique
experience for your customer.



Allocate staff to higher
value activities with our
“unbreakable”, “never
late” virtual props.


Innovative & Differentiated

Separate yourself from the
competition with cutting
edge technology.

Customer Case Studies

Tested and recommended by leading escape roomS

The ARC has been put through its paces by our customers, and proven to deliver results over and above expectations.  But don't take our word for it, listen to what escape rooms everywhere have to say about our solution.